Are you meeting all your clients’ needs?

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Why Do Med Supp Clients Need PDP and Dental?

There’s a simple reason … Med supp policies don’t cover prescription drugs. They don’t cover dental services either. So, if your Med supp clients have to purchase a PDP plan from someone, why not from you? And if dental insurance is the most often requested supplemental benefit for Medicare-age customers, why not give your clients what they want?

In the April edition of our Medicare Solutions Educational Series, Sales Director Jeremy Grantham discusses how easy it is to add PDP and dental to a Med supp sale. Here are just some of the things you’ll learn in his informative presentation:

  • Your clients can save 15% on their dental premium when they purchase Med supp and dental together.
  • People who have multiple policies with the same company tend to keep their coverage in force and that means better persistency for you.
  • It’s easy to add PDP and dental thanks to links in our Med supp e-App.

Learn How to Cross-Sell Dental and PDP to Your Med Supp Clients

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Are you meeting all your clients’ needs?