Announcing The Winners of the 3-in-1 Promotion‘s Bonus Cash Drawing (1st Quarter)

All of the Mutual of Omaha Custom Solution LTCi business submitted during the first quarter of our 3-in-1 Promotion  has been issued!

GoldenCare and American Independent Marketing are pleased to announce the winners of the Bonus Cash Drawing for the 1st Quarter of 2016.
(The Bonus Cash Drawing includes 20 prizes, totaling $5,000.)

The winners are:
$1,000 (one winner)

•  Brian O. – WA

$500 (three winners)

•  Brian A. – WI

•  Mark B. – MN

•  Roger S. – CO

$250 (six winners)

•  Katharine C. – ME

•  John F. – MN

•  Cliff M. – WI

•  Clark P. – WA

•  Paul W. – IN

•  Gail S. – IL

$100 (ten winners)

•  Jeff L. – RI

•  Dierdre H. – WA

•  Bruce B. – WA

•  Tim N. – OH

•  Rose C. – TN

•  Michael B. – IL

•  George F. – CA

•  Mark S. – WA

•  Mary G. – IA

•  Dennis R. – ID

Congratulations To The Winners!

Remember, participation in each Bonus Cash Drawing is determined by the number of Mutual of Omaha Custom Solution cases you have issued during the quarter. The more business you write & have issued – the better your chances of winning!

If you’ve written business during the 2nd Quarter, we look forward to announcing the Bonus Cash Drawing winners once all submitted business has issued or been finalized.

Best wishes to all of our agents.
Good luck – and happy selling!