Aetna Required Training To Sell On-Exchange Individual Plans

Reminder: Complete Aetna’s Required Training To Sell On-Exchange Individual Plans

Complete this required online training by November 1 to sell individual products during open enrollment

Now that you’re certified to sell on the Marketplace, you are required to take our brief, online training to sell our plans on the Marketplace.  This brief training course will help you better utilize our broker support services.  This will help you to sell Aetna more efficiently by providing important information to help you serve your clients.  We will no longer sell Coventry plans on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace.

Even though you may have already attended a seminar or webinar you still need to complete the online training.

The course topics will include:

  • Business conduct and integrity
  • Our broker tools and resources
  • Renewals
  • Commissions
  • The Federal Facilitated Marketplace

Complete the online training course before open enrollment begins on November 1. The training can be found by clicking below.

Start Online Training