Advantage Plus Upgrade Now Available!

You asked for it, and we delivered! The industry-leading Advantage Plus is now even better! E-App update available on Apple or Android devices now!

New Base Plan Options

Up to $750 per day hospitalization benefit.

Ambulance Rider Upgrade

Choice from $50 – $400 daily usage benefit, up to 4 times per year, lifetime max of 12 trips, air ambulance coverage included, and no hospital confinement required.

Skilled Nursing Rider Addition

Choice of two coverage options of $100, $150, $200 per day for day 1-50 -OR- $120 per day for days 21-100.

Lump Sum Cancer Rider Update

Addition of the $6,700 coverage choice amount.

New Critical Accident Rider

$5,000 and $10,000 lump sum plans to help cover a variety of accident injuries.

More Accessible Coverage

Lookback for past inpatient hospital, nursing home or home health care confinement stays now reduced to 6 months.



Advantage Plus Upgrade Now Available!