“Accessing Long Term Care Through Medicaid”

Accessing Long Term Care Through Medicaid,” Advisor Magazine


“Even as the country’s primary payer of LTSS, Medicaid LTSS coverage has restrictive eligibility rules, is highly variable by state, and is unfamiliar to the general public. A large number of Americans will become acquainted with the system only when they or a loved one find themselves in need of LTSS. … Because of a lack of alternative and feasible ways to finance the cost of their long-term care needs, many middle-class seniors find themselves forced to spend down, i.e., reduce their net worth so they are eligible for Medicaid, or open LTSS-specific trusts in order to qualify for Medicaid LTSS coverage. This frequently requires strategic planning and/or legal help for those with assets … . Access the full report here.”


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

Give this report credit for acknowledging people routinely “spend down” to Medicaid without self-impoverishing, but rather by reducing their net worth. Besides trusts, there are many other ways to do that without paying for care. Here’s a list. The rest of the report is the usual wishful thinking—we need universal coverage, more HCBS, healthy aging in place. But nothing about how to pay for those dreams and not a word about why the current system is so bad. For that and a real solution, read Medicaid and Long-Term Care.