A Word from Joe Wieser, President and CEO of GILICO

MAY 2021

A Word from Joe Wieser, President and CEO of GILICO

As a child growing up in Denver, CO, activities seemed endless. Summer vacation included a family trip spent in the Rocky Mountains each year. Days were filled with hiking, biking, fishing and swimming in hot spring pools. I quickly learned the amazing rock formations and composition of the various 14,000+ peaks sprinkled throughout the Colorado Rockies.

To this day, I can easily identify and name the mountain peaks standing anywhere along the front range. Those inspiring and powerful rock formations continue to stand the test of time year over year, regardless of climate, fires or anything else in the environment around them.

Following a year that none of us will ever forget, GILICO and Kuvare also continue to stand that same test of time and are stronger than ever.

In fact, not only was 2020 one of the best years in company history, but also the first quarter of 2021 has started with the company establishing new records for sales, assets and net income. We continue to carve out our own rock formation and elevate in stature amongst the other 14,000+ peaks within the industry. Read the details here about our 2020 financials.

On behalf of everyone at GILICO and Kuvare, we have sincere gratitude for all you do as our partners. We are here to work together with you, whatever you need.
Protecting Wealth is our GUARANTY!

All the best,