A New Med Supp Is Redefining What’s Possible: Get It Through GoldenCare!

CVS Health: Redefining what's possible. | A Medicare Supplement Insurance plan with the CVS Health name.

Now you can offer your clients a Medicare Supplement plan that carries a name they already know and trust — CVS Health.®

This new plan is offered by Accendo Insurance Company, which is part of the CVS Health family of companies and an Aetna affiliate. And it offers you some real advantages — including 14% household discount* in most states.

Ready to redefine what’s possible for your clients?

Click here to download our single-page contracting addendum to get started! Already appointed with Aetna Afiliates through GoldenCare? No additional paperwork is necessary!
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* Clients are eligible for a Household Premium Discount if they reside with a spouse or have resided with at least one, but not more than three, other adults. For the purpose of this discount, a civil union partner or domestic partner will be considered a legal spouse when such partnerships are valid and recognized in the client’s state of residence.