5 Reasons To Cross-Sell GTL


  1. Increase Your Commissions!
    You’ll be surprised how many of your clients are interested in lowering their out-of-pocket exposure with GTL’s Advantage Plus Hospital Indemnity Plan. Make sure to offer THEM the chance to find out how and YOU the chance to increase your commissions!
  2. Get Paid Fast!
    No need to wait to get paid for your hard work when you sell GTL! We pay commissions weekly!
  3. Affordable Coverage
    Many people cannot afford a large co-pay or deductible expense stemming from a hospitalization. Be the agent that explains how to lower or eliminate that expense by showing them GTL’s Advantage Plus policy!
  4. Offer the “Hands Down” Best HIP Plan
    The combination of GTL’s Advantage Plus plan benefits and claim processing turnaround time leaves all others “in the dust!” Start by offering clients the flexibility to choose between a 3-day, 6-day, 10-day or 21-day base plan benefit period. Then, choose from a $100 to $600 per day hospital stay benefit. Remember, GTL treats “Observation” coded stays the same way as “Inpatient” coded stays with zero reduction of benefits! Don’t forget about our short stay benefits and our Dental/Vision Rider!
  5. Experience Counts
    Advantage Plus has been the leader for the past 9 years and counting! GTL’s claim processing time is 5 days less than the national average! Your clients will appreciate you introducing them to the best HIP plan with the most experienced claims processing team in the industry!

Help Your Clients PlanUP with GTL!
5 Reasons To Cross-Sell GTL