New ROP Rider for Short-Term Home Health Care!

NEW SHORT-TERM HOME HEALTH CARE INSURANCE RETURN OF PREMIUM RIDER With the NEW Return of Premium Rider, it will return all premiums paid minus the sum of all benefits paid in the event of the policyholder’s death prior to attaining age 86.*   ORDER NEW SUPPLIES   In order to see the new ROP rider on the e-App, please update the e-App on your Apple or Android device.   New ROP Rider for Short-Term Home Health Care!   * Not available in MD, PA, TN. ROP Rider is available on new applications for coverage only.   #goldencareagent #gtl
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Important Reminder Regarding Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Life Product Changes

Gerber Life Insurance Product Announcement Important changes to Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan went into effect December 7, 2017. These product changes include: Updated applications and marketing material New premiums As a reminder, paper applications that do not contain the 1117 revision date, must be signed and received in the home office before April 13, 2018 to obtain the old rates.   Any outdated applications and/or incorrect premiums received after April 13, 2018 will be returned to the Agent. The Agent will be required to resubmit the business on the new application with the correct premium.   Marketing Material:
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Manhattan Life – Revised Applications 2018

This is to notify you that Manhattan Life Insurance Company (MLIC) has updated applications for the following states: AR, AZ, IA, IN, MO, MO, NC, NJ, NM, OH, OK, OR, UT, VA, WI, WV, CO, and KY. At the current time, Manhattan Life does NOT have a cutoff date for accepting old applications. The new applications can be found on under the “form download” tab or by calling AIMC Marketing department at 866-708-6194. New supplies can be ordered online or via a Marketing professional. Big changes made on the new Manhattan application. Manhattan will now consider an individual with
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Reminder: Use Latest Revision of IRS Form 4506T-EZ (Rev. 7-2017)

Form 4506T-EZ is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) document that is used to retrieve past tax transcripts on file with the IRS. The form allows the individual to send the tax transcripts to a third party, such as Transamerica. Recently, the IRS updated Form 4506T-EZ. Before completing the form, ensure you are using the correct version by checking the lower right corner. The latest version of the form is “Form 4506T-EZ (Rev. 7-2017).” The IRS will not accept any prior versions of the form. As a reminder, Form 4506T-EZ is required for all Transamerica life products that have face amounts
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