Planning for Long-Term Care via 1035 Exchanges

How to Transfer Do you have clients that own existing life or annuity contracts that have accumulated tax-deferred gains? Has the ‘need’ for the contract changed and your client no longer has an identifiable reason to keep the policy? Want to learn about how to transfer, on a tax-free basis, the surrender value (principal AND tax-deferred gains) to fund a traditional Long-Term Care insurance policy (with the possibility of having a guaranteed premium and comprehensive LTC protection?)   LEARN MORE   #goldencareagent #ngl
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GTL: Med Sup Rate Decreases and New States on the e-App!

Medicare Supplement Insurance rates have decreased by 2%* in Pennsylvania, Ohio & Kentucky! ORDER SUPPLIES   Medicare Supplement Insurance is also now available on the Agent Portal and e-App for Indiana, Kansas, Michigan and Virginia! GO TO AGENT PORTAL   •   Competitive rates! •   Available on the e-App! •   Over 40 years in the market! •   Household discount •   3-4 day underwriting time •   Long-tenured, friendly staff     In order to see IN, KS, MI and VA on the e-App, you will need to update to the latest version on your Apple or Android device.   Med Sup Rate
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Quick Tip: Quoting with MutualCare® Solutions Software

Scenario: You’ve met with a prospect showing great interest in Omaha’s Custom Solution long-term care insurance. She is set on a plan design, but wants to meet again to discuss cost, explaining her husband will be there and is also interested. But she never disclosed her husband’s age. Knowing how much the marital discount can impact premiums, how do you go to the meeting prepared with accurate pricing? Did You Know: The MutualCare® Solutions software includes the option to show All-Ages quotes using premium tables? To turn this option on, click the Tools button in the upper-left corner and click
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